April 2010

4/17/10 Pirates vs Reds PNC Park

 Although it was a little late in the season for me, this was my first game of the season. It also meant that it was my debut as a member of Erik Jab’s Ballhawk League.

  I took my friend Colston again and we were a little late because we both were at Point Park University for something and had to walk to the park from there.

  It also hurt that this game took the place of the Friday game and we had to pick our tickets up from will call. The one smaller/less crowded gate from last year was completely closed so we had to wait in line in the larger one which cost me more time.

  After ten minutes, we finally got our tickets which were located in section 141. This was great, because it meant that I could potentially get a toss up ball from Andrew McCutchen.

  We did arrive in enough time to be at the season ticket portion of BP. Unfortunately we would only have a few minutes.

  The Pirates were still taking some cuts at the plate, and either Don Long or Carlos Garcia decided to hit a pop up to us and sure enough I was in great position but couldn’t quite get high enough for it and lost out on the ball.

  However, I soon decided to move closer to the bullpen and was rewarded a minute later when D.J. Carrasco threw me a ball, my first of the season.


  That was all I got for BP and when the Pirates left I changed into the little Reds gear I had. It was then when I ran into Nick from the BHL and it was the first time we had ever met. We stayed out of each other’s way and I even gave him an assist on the Cincinnati Red who was out in left field (Ryan Hanigan). We talked while we waited for the Reds to take position, but I did not stay in left field for long.

   In fact when more people showed up, I decided to move to center field as nothing was really coming out to left field (Nick later told me that I had made the right decision).

  Center field was not much better, in fact there were a couple more Reds fans out there but the players did not respond to anyone and they kept tossing the ball to one of the coaches.

  I soon decided to move, this time to the dugout area, where I would try to snag another ball. I waited for a good 10 minutes as the Reds concluded batting practice. Then, I started to pounce and as Dusty Baker was moving towards the dugout, I got his attention and he threw me ball number 2.


  I then returned to left field after batting practice ended and then headed to section 141 my actual seat.

 From there, the game was very cold and I actually could not stay outside for the whole game, it was that bad.

 I did manage to get ball number 3 from Herbie Andrade in the bullpen, so not a bad day overall; in fact 3 balls is my career best but the cold prevented me from really doing much.

 For the record, the Pirates did win the game after Garrett Jones got a hit that scored two Pirates.