October 2010

2010 Ballhawking Season Stats

 Again, this was my first season in the BHL and I was unsure of what to expect. I intially set a snagging goal of 25 balls, but eventually the goal went to 50 balls and finally to 64. It took the last game of the year, and a big surge in the last homestand of the season to make it possible. Here are stats and reflections according to mygameballs.com:

Favorite snags:

1. Ball from D.J. Carrasco April 17, 2010: It was my first ball of the season, simply put, it has a lot of meaning.

2. Ryan Church warm up toss up May 6, 2010: Apparantly the only warm up ball Church threw up during a game.

3. Leaping catch to snag Cutch toss up May 9, 2010: It was a tough throw and my first athletic play on the season.

4. Fourth ball of the game from Herbie Andrade May 20, 2010: Four balls was my snagging high at that point.

5. Eddie Lopez ball in the rain May 22, 2010: Probably the best exchange before a ball all season. Very cool guy.

6. 3 BP snags June 19, 2010: I was off to a career start before I left the game due to dehydration.

7. Prince Fielder BP Home run July 20, 2010: I came off making a one handed catch (my non-glove hand) of a Brendan Donnelly toss up, and then I catch a Prince Fielder home run in the highest part of the center field seats.

8. Only catch on Clemente Wall seats: August 6, 2010: It was meant for a kid, but the kid couldn’t hang onto it. Rockies pitcher Randy Flores tossed it up, and I made a barehanded catch and gave it to the kid.

9. On the field and 2 snags August 17, 2010: Two snags on the field, my only Garrett Jones and Ronny Cedeno snags on the season. I then caught a Cutch toss to shock the person I went with.

10. Physical Beltran snag August 20, 2010: I started to play deep for a Beltran ball and one bounced to me and took a wicked turn. It hit off of my stomach, and it was a foot race between me and a Mets fan with me making a sideways slide on the pavement to beat the fan to the punch.

11. Bobby Parnell toss up August 21, 2010: Important snag because I reached my long homestand with a goal, and this ball helped me reach my goal.

12.  Caught Matt Holiday bp home run August 25, 2010: Ian Weir and I were head to head for 3rd best PNC Park ballhawk at the time.

13. Herbie Andrade toss up September 3, 2010: Ball #5 on the game and a new high. I would get 7 and pull away from Ian at this game. Three of the snags were off the bat of Adam Dunn

14. A solid follow-up September 4, 2010: Six snags the next day.

15. Lastings Milledge bp home run catch September 6, 2010: One of the last he would hit because he got injured soon after.

16. The events of Wednesday September 22, 2010: Pouring rain and three baseballs one of which from Chris Carpenter.

17. Five ball performance on September 26, 2010: I was sick as a dog and got five balls to make my goal of 64 snags possible.

18. Ball number 64 September 27, 2010: Surprisingly from Matt Lindstrom.

 Notable signatures:

Billy Wagner

Adam Wainwright

Ryan Franklin

Ryan Braun

Casey McGehee

Aaron Harang

Drew Stubbs

September 27 also gave me Umpire Fieldin Culbreth, who gave me the lineup cards from both the Pirates and Astros. It would be the last home lineup card ever signed by John Russell.


Games With at Least 1 Ball 11 (11)
Games With at Least 5 Ball 0 (2)
Games With at Least 10 Ball 0 (0)
Games With at Least 15 Ball 0 (0)
Games With at Least 20 Ball 0 (0)
Games outside of home city with at least 1 ball 0 (0)
Games at home stadium with at least 1 ball 11 (11)


Season Stats

Total Balls 64
Games Attended 30
Average Per Game 2.13
Double-digit Games 0
Game Balls 1
Game Home Run Balls 0
Most Balls in One Game 7

Lifetime Stats

Total Balls 69
Games Attended 36
Average Per Game 1.92
Double-digit Games 0
Double-digit Games Outside Pittsburgh 0
Game Balls 6
Game Home Run Balls 0
Game Home Run Balls at PNC Park 0

7 (Most balls in one game)


1 Sep 3, 2010 Pirates Nationals PNC Park Yes 19,734 7 138,138
2 Sep 4, 2010 Pirates Nationals PNC Park Yes 30,263 6 181,578
3 Sep 25, 2010 Pirates Astros PNC Park Yes 25,350 5 126,750
4 Jul 20, 2010 Pirates Brewers PNC Park Yes 13,202 4 52,808
5 May 20, 2010 Pirates Brewers PNC Park Yes 13,975 4


2010 Season Ticket Holder Field Days

2010 Season Ticket Field Days

           I apologize for being inactive a little bit, but I have been very very busy. I have been writing for the newspaper and now have a radio show. Every time I don’t think that I could be any busier, I keep getting more opportunities. In the future I will be writing for a Pirates blog that is supposed to be similar to Pensblog. I for one hope that the site is a success. Without further ado, here is the latest.

           The date was Monday October 4, and I was still sick. This however was not going to stop me from taking part in my first ever PNC Park Field Day.

            This event is one of the Pirates’ ways of saying thank you to the fans. Considering the fact that I am a college student, I initially found it inconvenient to have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sessions available as opposed to previous years when the weekend was the norm for this event. However, I only have classes on Tuesdays and Wednesday and thus took the first Monday session from 9 AM-11 AM with the thought that it would be less crowded than all of the other sessions.

            It ended up that I made a very good choice. I was one of only three groups to hit on the field as the weather was cold and it rained throughout all three days.

            Despite having a: runny nose, a bad cough and an even horrible voice, I still opted to come to the event.

            I arrived a couple minutes late, as I bussed to Point Park and then walked from there to PNC Park with my friend Colston. We walked through the Clemente Bridge and then took the steps by the Clemente Wall down and made the walk up to the right field gate, where we checked in and shortly after were taken onto the field.

            Immediately we were told to get our gloves out and prepare to field. I did so and throughout the day, I made a few running catches. I played sort of a “rover” position if you would as they were blocking off the infield. Once someone would snag a ball, then one of the people from the Pirates Season Ticket Holder Staff (who were in the infield dirt) would motion for you to throw them the ball). My arm was very sore, but I still managed to be the only one to throw it to their waiting gloves without a bounce.

            While my fielding was gold glove material, my hitting was not. When I was in Little League, I never was the hitter. I was a great second basemen and I had great speed and perhaps was the fastest person in my league (if only I could have figured out how to slide back then).

            I have not picked up a baseball bat since those Little League days which were in middle school. I set a goal, and it was to get the ball out of the infield. When I stepped up to the plate, the rain started coming down and of course I forgot to bring my batting gloves, so my grip was not the greatest. I took a Jose Bautista bat hoping that some of his talents would wear out on me.

            The machine pitched around 60 miles per hour, something I never faced in Little League. Once the first pitch I got was a swing and a miss, I knew that I was in trouble. The second pitch I got was a dribbler back to the mound. I fouled one more pitch off, but that was all I could do my first time up. My swings actually were really good healthy cuts, but I kept just missing the ball.

            A lot of people hit four times, and I decided to hit once more with a Brandon Moss bat, and of course I hit like the Brandon Moss the Pirates saw in September and not the one that was in AAA. I kept narrowly swinging and missing and exited the batter’s box in shame.

            Shortly afterwards, I went into the Visitor’s Dugout and in there they had ballpark hotdogs, hamburgers, cookies and more. They had the Pirates photo booth up (the one you normally pay $1 for). Both Colston and I took pictures and ended our day. Unlike many of the other groups up there, we did not get a Pirates celebrity.

            Again, I have started a radio show with another friend of mine. It is on the Point Park Radio. It is 670 AM WPPJ. If you can’t get to it on the radio, you can listen to it online at www.wppjradio.com. Wednesday was my first show and it is a work in progress. The show is entitled A to Z Sports and is from 11 AM to 12 PM

            In other news, right around season’s end I officially renewed my season tickets. This will result in my second season as at least a 20 game season ticket holder, and my second season in the BHL. I hope to have some blog entries up before PirateFest in January. I will put that BP on the field picture blog entry up as soon as I get the pictures.

           I will update this entry later to show pictures and videos..