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Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinals 8/26-8/27 PNC Park

Wow these two days were two of the most frustrating as a ballhawk. I was just downright steamed. My workouts have paid off but I keep seeing mixed results and it has been downright frustrating.

Here is how Monday started:

I had just finished my second class and after an exhausting core session earlier in the day, I was ready for the day.

Of course, my day was going to start well. Hisanori Takahashi was manning the left field corner and a ball rolled to the warning track.

I asked for the ball in perfect Japanese and he specifically made eye contact. It was going to be a great start, except it wasn’t.

Some idiot did not seem to understand that when you do what I just did that you do not interfere, you move on to the next one.

All of the ballhawks knew that I had asked in Japanese and that the ball was mine.

Takahashi either had a sloppy throw or didn’t see that I am a fellow lefty, and the newb got the ball.

He tried offering me the ball back but there’s nothing I can do about.

I was rightfully ticked off and I didn’t want to hear about it from anybody. Him putting the ball in my face numerous times was just salt in the wound. Shut up, take your ******* ball and move on before I get really pissed off. This isn’t your kingdom, so be careful because next time you do that it won’t end well.

Okay moving on.

Even an usher felt bad for me and directed me to a ball I missed or either a ball he pocketed earlier and put in an easy spot.

“That was a douche move,” the usher said. “You didn’t deserve that.”

I thanked him and was glad to be on the board, even if it wasn’t the way that it should have.

I was able to track a Michael McKenry BP homer and beat everyone to it in the scrum.

Ball #3 should have been a caught McKenry homer, but I was just still off and I just gave in on it.’

Well at that point I had to talk on a radio show I do each week, so I tried to ballhawk while talking on the phone.

The Cardinals were stingy with toss ups, but a ball came to the wall and pitcher Joe Kelly retrieved it and I held my glove up.

I was talking about David DeCastro and how his injury affects the Steelers and then the ball went into my glove for ball #3. It was my 400th career snag. That was a memorable way to get it, but I wasn’t done.

The rain started coming down but the Cardinals continued BP. Players left the field and the coaches stayed. I came up empty the rest of the way.

By the bullpen I got balls 4 and 5 from Euclides Rojas and Herbie Andrade.

Ballhawk Erik Jabs gave me a ticket for section 142 that came in handy later as I got Travis Snider’s fourth inning toss up and then pointed to a father, underhanded it to him to give to his son. Applause from the section ensued.

Before leaving I would run into Point Park Women’s Basketball Head Coach Tony Grenek and I will be going to their first day of practice Wednesday instead of the Astros game as their BP is terrible. We were talking about pre-camp and how we saw the team and were in agreement. He owes me a trip to the national tournament after what happened to me last year. Was the highlight of the game by far.

Before we parted ways and I left for the day, I gave him a baseball for his son and he lit up.


Tuesday was another tough day. I had a big full body workout and I was up against the clock.

I needed to get a baseball by 5:40 as I had a class at 6 p.m.

I had an opportunity during Pirates BP and blew it. I cursed at myself for the rest of BP.

When the Pirates left the field I slammed my glove on the ground and continued swearing. I was pissed again.

I kill myself with all of these workouts and get jackcrap to show for it. Maybe a change of strategy is in order.

The clocked ticked and I went straight over to the first base side, where I got Kyle Lohse to toss me a ball right at the deadline.

I got to class right at 6 p.m.

I would be in the press box the next day and snagged eight baseballs but none of them count. I was told I could toss two up which I did and tossed the other eight back in.

Mark Strittmatter wanted to see my fastball but my body was worn out and with full blown dress clothes, my motion was restricted.

I cannot go any further but it was a nice experience.

Now here we are in September and the Pirates are over .500. I am sure fans are not pleased with the 3-9 record since the 19 inning win, but if you told me that the Pirates would be 70-63 going into the month I wouldn’t have believed you.

Physically I am in great shape.

I expect this to be my last full month of ballhawking. I sit on 198 baseballs and as long as I don’t do anything stupid, I will easily surpass my goal.

It has been a tale of Septembers for me. In 2010, I felt fine and had my best month in my rookie year. In 2011, I was tired, ill, stressed out and after dehydration felt it was a chore to come to the ballpark. It just wasn’t fun anymore and I tapered off.

Again, I have been training and expect myself to stay in good shape and make it through the season. I want it to end the way that I know it should.

Now as I like to say in workout terms for both myself and the Pirates, it’s go hard or go home. Enough said.

Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers 8/24 PNC Park

The Brewers came to PNC Park for the first time time this season, and they are always an interesting draw.

This right here may be why the Pirates lost this game:

That is former Pirate Sid Bream. He slid in safe as an Atlanta Brave in 1992 to eliminate the Pirates, and the team has not had a winning season since. Bream was the celebrity bartender for the night, but many of the fans in the city booed him. Bream is a very nice guy, so I felt very bad for him that the fans treated him so terribly.

Now I will rewind to the game.

I was looking forward to this game all week. I have been working out non-stop all week and I was beyond ready to go. I started throwing outside, and I had a rhythm I had not felt all season. My throws were faster and more accurate than in recent memory and it was a great feeling.

I took that momentum inside where immediately I saw hitting drills. Luis Silverio was hitting balls to Travis Snyder. One was overhit and I gauged it. Against my body, I reached my glove up high and came up with a clean catch for ball #1. I gave Snider the ball back and he tossed it back in.

Ball number two came from Euclides Rojas. I saw ballhawks start to creep towards the front row, so I moved back to stand out and boom.

The Milwaukee Brewers were stingy during BP, but I managed to convince reliever Jim Henderson to throw me a ball, which I will take.

There was some uncertainty, as the other ballhawks thought John Axford was in left field, but that was not the case. I was not sure, so I did not say anything. It didn’t matter much, because the guy got sent down the next day.

That was sadly it for Brewers BP.

Ball #4 would come before the game. Herbie Andrade did his toss the ball up so no one can reach it, but make it high enough to make it appear they can catch it gag. He saw me and threw it a bit higher so I could catch the ball. People appeared confused. The end.

Again the Pirates lost the game which stunk, but they let all of these clubs score first and playing catch up all of the time is not going to win you games.

I knew the next day there wouldn’t be BP as there was team photofest. I had already eclipsed 100 straight games with a baseball, so I just embraced photofest wanting to talk to the players, so I went on the field and snapped some pictures. What I had forgotten from the night before, was that I needed to snag one baseball on this day to get 100 straight games with a baseball at your home ballpark. No pressure.

Here is a tease for the next entry:

We were in the area where Andrew McCutchen came last. Someone shouted single shots only. Big Yellow Randy Page took this picture as it was as close as he got after a brief groove. It got me talking to Cutch.

Pirates vs Los Angeles Dodgers 8/13 and 8/15 PNC Park

I knew going into the series the Dodgers were stingy with toss ups. I knew though that I would be okay. My back was improved.

I am not going to waste time. I got my usual Euclides Rojas toss up and five minutes later got a Herbie Andrade toss up. He randomly tossed the ball up but low enough that no one could catch it. He saw me and lobbed it up for me to get. Balls 1 and 2 of the day.

I got a Shane Victorino signed baseball on this day that is up for bids for charity. All proceeds will go to The Children’s Institute.

I was at the August 14th game, but as a media member therefore the four baseballs that came my way did not count and were given to Dodgers players/coaches as there was no BP due to rain earlier in the day.

I was a fan once again the next day and it worked in a big way.

Luis Silverio was hitting balls to Starling Marte and a ball was well out of the reach and just over the left field wall for Marte and I made the catch for ball #1 on the day. Marte did not want the ball. I wish Marte well, it is a shame he is on the 15 day DL and hopefully we see him back soon, Jose Tabata is reminding me why I hate the way he has played this season.

Ball #2 came on a batted ball that I ran and got to first.

All of a sudden, I heard a pounding and saw Erik Bedard pitching in the bullpen and getting a side session. No one was over there and Pirates BP is a risk in itself so I went right up there.

Fortunately for me, he was just ending his session so three pitches later, I was underhanded my third snag of the day.

Ball #4 came during Dodgers BP from closer Kenley Jansen. I wished I had asked in Dutch but I was in right field and just went for it/got it.

Ball #5 came on a hit ball to right field. I got there in a scrum. Maybe I will try right field more now, I did well there.

That was it for my series and I am looking forward to the Brewers coming to PNC for the first time this season on Friday.

Pirates vs San Diego Padres 8/10 & 8/11 PNC Park

The Padres are terrible at BP and horrible at Petco Park but going into the series had the Pirates number and would of course take two of three.

Just when you mix these two teams, you get an ugh BP. For those who don’t know, ugh is mediocre or terrible in this sense.

Ball #1 would come when Mark Strittmatter tossed me a baseball. He literally was talking to ballhawk Erik and a couple of minutes later looked at me and had his a-ha moment and tossed me one. Thanks as always Mark. It stinks that I don’t get to see him much during BP and seldom at the bullpen anymore.

Ball #2 wouldn’t come until Padres BP when once again I was on the first base line. A foul ball was hit and I just got to the scrum first. I immediately gave the ball to the other guy who tried going for the ball.

Ball #3 came from Euclides Rojas by the bullpen.

Pirates lose


I actually missed BP and based on what I have heard, I could have had five or six baseballs. Why did I miss BP? I went to Scally’s with Colston and played 18 holes. I also will be the beat writer once school starts for Point Park Volleyball, so I wanted to support them and get the ball rolling early, in fact I will be at their practice later today so I can get writing and start open lines of communication.

That to me was much more important than any BP, as I have told many people that I intend on making this my last season of full fledged ballhawking. I want to focus on my interests in the future and do something journalistically.

I would get one ball in this game from Euclides Rojas, who is the best.

Padres win.

Now my review of Skyblast:

Styx- My dad got me into Styx and I have to say they were better the last time. They sang greatest hits of course and it was a very similar set list to the last concert. They again started with “Blue Collar Man” and ended with “Renegade”. It was predictable but still enjoyable.

Fireworks- Same old same old, but went off no problem.

PNC Music- Fail. Skyblasts always have fireworks which play with random music of the same genre. The sound system was spotty during the second set of fireworks and at one point completely went out leading to bare fireworks and confusion. To boot, Tommy Shaw, the most known member of Styx was trying to say something to the fans and we could only hear the second half of what he said. They had two full songs to fix it and no luck.

Pirates vs Arizona Diamondbacks 8/8 PNC Park

Frankly, I was glad the Diamondbacks were leaving. NL West teams are not great with toss ups, and having to deal with three of them in a row has put a damper on things for sure.

Speaking of damper, I had some bad breaks and bounces during Pirates BP, but Euclides Rojas turned the frown upside down at the end of BP.

He threw me a ball that was falling short, and I adjusted the glove to make the catch for ball number 1.

At 5:30 I decided to play right field with the strategy of asking Takashi Saito for a baseball in Japanese, but that never needed to happen. A batted ball landed in section 142 and it was an easy scrum for me. Ball #2.

I then stayed over on the first baseline hoping for some success and just like the previous game a screamer came my way. Fans who were not expected it retreated back a little bit, and just like yesterday I kept my position and made the snag for ball #3.

I then looked at my surroundings and saw a fan close behind where I was with his hands protecting his face.

I then saw Diamondbacks closer J.J. Putz point his glove in my direction for a good half minute. He thought it was a great snag, but then putting two and two together, I had quite possibly saved the fan from a serious injury. It was a great feeling to do that and to have Putz see that, have the fans applaud and compliment me was a nice feeling.

That was it for the game, and yes my computer is not cooperating, so just text in these entries for now.

Pirates vs Arizona Diamondbacks 8/7 PNC Park

My back was improved on this day which was a great sign.

Because of the nature of the injury, I had to cut my already infrequent visits to the gym to train until the back improved. I had off work on this day, so I tried to get a 30 minute workout before I headed out to the game.

I was able to get my running in which was a great sign. I also got all of my lifting in with less break time in and had no issues. I have an extensive core workout that I cut out due to the back, but I was ready for this game.

I headed to the bridge, put on the headphones and got to throwing on the bridge and was met with mixed results.

I was more than physically and mentally ready following those two workouts.

Pirates BP was slow and of course there were season ticket holdlers by the North Side Notch, which meant all balls were pocketed and a few opportunities would be gone.

I actually played closer to the middle portion of left field on this day.

I would run back over to my spot on a ball that landed on the warning track.

Rod Barajas was slowly walking to the ball and I was the only one with a glove and thus he under-handed it to me for ball #1.

This was a big snag, as I was the first member to snag a Barajas toss up all season. He did toss up a ball during Spring Training earlier this season, but we see Barajas for maybe 10 minutes during BP stay in left field. That was the first ball I think I ever saw him walk to get and that was only because another player got another ball close by.

Toward the end of Pirates BP, a ball was hit and Erik Bedard was unable to get it. It took a bounce back towards the field and another fortunate bounce right into my glove for ball #2.

Meanwhile, ballhawk Ian and I were making fun of some of the PNC Park music, including:

That was it for Pirates BP.

When 5:30 came I went into centerfield and was able to get a toss up from reliever Mike Zagurski.

Oh if you want an assignment, google image Mike Zagurski and then google image PGA Tour golfer Jason Dufner. Zagurski looks like a chubbier version. They actually look somewhat alike, and it cracks me up. Either way Zagurski heard me say please and thus the toss up for ball #3.

I then played the first base side where I ran into ballhawk Rick.

I got set and two minutes later, a screaming line drive is coming my way. It takes a bounce that I have measured perfectly and it goes right into my glove for ball #4. Rick who had the play backed up seemed impressed. I inspected the ball, pocketed it and moved on.

I tried the dugout after BP was over and it didn’t work out.

I then went to the bullpen where Michael McKenry was the starting catcher. He did this catching drill with Euclides Rojas, who waved at me and then tossed me a ball after the drill for ball #5.

That was it on this day but I have two more things to add on the Monday game entry.

The first refers to the clean catch I had during BP. Herbie Andrade came into the bullpen looked at me and said, “you caught one”. Yeah…

The second is this video of Erik Bedard warming up for his Monday start against the Diamondbacks. There were children on the ledge so it was tough to shoot:

I will have pictures up for both entries once the computer acts right again.

Pirates vs Arizona Diamondbacks 8/6 PNC Park

This game was a risk on my part.

I have been ballhawking all season with a less than cooperative back and it was hurting worse than before. I already have had one incident where I literally had to rest it for a week. At that time, I was finishing up my sophomore year of college and I was in the gym everyday, so it was truly crushing.

One wrong move in the gym and it was back to square one once again. So I may have just as I typed this recovered from the injury. That’s three weeks.

Still I was at work today with massive limitations and I had to use the same limitations at the game. My speed was fine but on a hot day, my back was especially stiff to add to everything, so it was miserable.

Thank goodness I had some heating thing I put all over my back to help me make it. It took a lot of effort to make it through work and ballhawking.

Oh the bridge throwing was fun too. I threw my fastest and most consistent of the season which was weird. I had the headphones in the ear. I guess it pumped me up, or it was just a nice change from the repetitive PNC Park music.

I would run in and of course find nothing easter egg wise.

Due to the injury, I knew to limit my bursts and I went over to the foul pole as I figured that would be the best move for me.

It was a slow BP for me but I stood my ground and all of a sudden Gaby Sanchez got a hold of a pitch.

Of course the sun immediately was shining as the ball came straight to me. I tracked it perfectly and the ball felt great in the glove. It was just like returning a throw during the throwing session.

The ballhawks all threw their arms up as they never see me catch hit balls. I sarcastically pointed to the heavens. Herbie Andrade may have been the most shocked of all. I had a brief smile on my face, but then it was time to move on.

Of course it was Pirates BP, so I probably should have just kept smiling, yucking it up and dancing around. I would have done the dougie, but it never came on (Robbie “Scoonz” shoutout here).

Before BP was over, Euclides Rojas would toss me ball #2.

Diamondbacks BP stunk for me and Josh Collmenter was not tossing anything up. I went over to the first base side, but got nothing out of it.

I also did not get any toss ups.

I left shortly after to keep the stamina up and rest the back.

Pirates vs Miami Marlins 7/22 PNC Park

This will be a short entry as I did not arrive to the 1:35 game until 1:15. You all should know that Sunday games are brutal. I got a nice workout in, and then a short while later departed with my parents, brother and his friend to the game. Why? I was finally able to redeem my suite and got to invite people to join me. With it being my brother’s 11th birthday on Monday, I decided this would be a great day to do this.

Getting shutout seemed very likely given the circumstances, however Euclides Rojas came through for me with a toss up after starter Jeff Karstens warmed up.

Meanwhile I try to help my brother get an autograph every time he shows up, which is once a season. Last year, he got Chris Resop on a baseball and this time I was able to get some help from Jason Grilli who signed my brother’s baseball and his friend’s hat (my brother and his friend forgot another baseball and toys but fortunately the TV in the suite change to Cartoon Network, so they were entertained).

So with all of us happy, I grabbed their hands and we all walked up to the suite where we were joined by 12 other friends and family. I played host and did my best to make sure everyone was enjoying the game before sitting with my friends Andrew and Colston. We all host A to Z Sports at Point Park, and this was the first time all three of us were together since the end of the school year. It was great to just talk and share tons of laughs like we always too. It was relaxing and just fun.

The Pirates had fans on the edges of their seats with a low scoring game, but they got the job done to get a sweep of the Miami Marlins. They had a ton of momentum as the Chicago Cubs came to town.

Thing that disgusts me about PNC Park = All You Can Eat Seats People are paying for an outfield seat just to eat food, and a lot of people choose not to eat the food. Really? Just buy the outfield reserved ticket and save the money then. Plus, they leave such a mess and can’t clean up after themselves. The Pirates employ people to clean up from the end of the game to close to when the gates open. Don’t make them do extra work because of your laziness.

Oh and this happened towards the end of the game. First it started in the third inning, but then they did the wave again and one drunk man cracked me up. Oh I still think the wave needs to be saved for certain situations, but everyone views that differently.

It was fun being in the suites and counteracted the hot weather. I would later find out that quite a few people passed out throughout the ballpark.

Although there was only peanuts, snack mix and chips there it was just great fun with a lot of people, and really that’s what it’s all about.

Pirates vs Miami Marlins 7/21 PNC Park

Finally a Saturday 7:05 game, which meant BP. About time, I hate Fox ruining Saturdays for me.

It also meant I got to go to the first base side for once which was nice.

I came in when the ballhawks already were deep into their throwing session and had were doing situation pitching. I of course came in cold and proceeded to walk the batter on four pitches, but whatever.

Upon getting to the first base side, I checked the second area and then ran down just as Jared Hughes was picked up a ball. One sinker later and I had ball #1.

He ended up moving to centerfield and Tony Watson who has thrown me a few balls, was walking towards me.

“Could you do me a favor,” he asked.

“Yeah, what do you need,” I replied.

“If you throw this water bottle away, I will get you a baseball,” I said.

Honestly would have thrown it away even if there was no baseball involved.

He tossed me the bottle and I took care of it.

As I threw it away, I heard, “here comes your ball now”.

The toss was high, but I reached the glove up high for ball #2.

That was it for Pirates BP.

Although I did have a nice conversation with Euclides Rojas.

“How was school,” he asked.

“School was fine. Now I have about a couple of months before I start though. I am doing an internship now though,” I replied.

“Great,” he said. “What do you go to school for?”

“I go for journalism, and I really am learning a lot,” was my reply back.

It was awesome talking to Euclides about something other than baseball.

When they ran off the field. I saw Marlins coach Randy St. Clare and my buddy from back in Cleveland Jeff Urgelles who hooked me up with the Marlins Park commemorative ball.

While both them and I waited for the pitchers to come over, I decided to work on my pitching.

Urgelles saw my motion and much like when the Astros were in town, it led to conversation.

“Is that your curveball,” he asked.

“Yeah it is,” I replied.

He then gave me a couple of pointers on it, and it made sense. This is the second time I have had the opportunity to talk to a coach just based on throwing and I think that is cool. Just learning from people who catch professional pitchers and their various pitches on a daily basis is just an awesome opportunity.

When Marlins BP came, I waited for an overthrow from the pitchers and that never happened. Although I did get to the bottom of one mystery.

Remember how in yesterday’s entry I got a ball from a mystery Marlins lefty who threw a ball into the 300 level? I had asssumed it was Mike Dunn and when I saw him, I decided to ask him.

“Mike, was that you who threw that ball all the way up there (point) yesterday. It was a great toss up, and I ran up and found the ball,” I said.

“Honestly, that wasn’t me,” he said.

“Must have been Randy then, right” I replied.

“Yeah it was Randy,” was the answer.

Randy was Randy Choate. Choate is in his 11th season in the Majors, and thru Sunday’s game had a 2.19 ERA. Glad I got to the bottom of that mystery. Thanks Mike and Randy.

Ball #3 meanwhile came in a weird way. I was waiting for Anibal Sanchez to finish throwing and Jose Reyes was taking cuts. All of a sudden, I here a loud boom and a ball was rolling hard to me. I gloved it and was confused. I initially thought a kid threw a ball up and lost it. So when I got it, my first question was naturally, who dropped it. It was then that I was informed the ball was hit. Not a commemorative baseball however and the Marlins hitters did not appear to be using any.

Ball #4 came shortly after from Sanchez. Urgelles was giving Sanchez pointers on the release point of a pitch and then he looked for a glove. He found mine and threw it. It was a Marlins commemorative baseball.

That was it for Marlins BP. I tried for a dugout toss up but it didn’t workout.

While I waited by the bullpen here were some pictures I took:

The slow moving, stupidity and just oblivious nature. This one’s for you.

I would get a fifth ball from Euclides Rojas which was a low toss up. He must have been in a good mood, because the other three balls he had were tossed up as well.

Another highlight was my buddy Randy Page/Big Yellow being on Baseball Quiz. He embarassed us all by stating the 1979 team was his favorite team only to pick a choice that was eliminated first.

He did take the box and would win a signed Kevin Correia jersey.

The Pirates made Randy wait a while though scoring four runs without registering a hit. Randy was “Bedarded” and any Pirates fan knows that’s a reference to Bedard taking forever among other things.

The Pirates would win and continue to be a hot team.

Lastly the thing that disgusts me today are “fans” who come to the game wearing Penguins or Steelers clothing. You are at a BASEBALL game. Please dress for the occasion or don’t come to the game. Better yet for all of us true fans, leave now so you are first in line for Steelers Training Camp which starts Wednesday.

Pirates vs San Francisco Giants 7/6 PNC Park

As I said in the previous entry, this game was the only one in the series I attended for a variety of reasons. Still here are three more things that disgust me about PNC Park:

1. Erik Bedard’s super slow pace- I just hate how deliberate he is. Just throw the dang ball already. Considering how you have pitched ever since you left a start early, you could put it anywhere and it really won’t matter.

2. Zoltan being done incorrectly- Seriously, most Pirates fans are absolute morons. It is not right hand on top. Here is a tutorial that will satisfy even the newest Pirates fans.

3. Kids Day- I know the day is about the kids but it would help if they had some manners. “Here, here, here” is not going to get you a baseball, and crying is going to upset everyone around you. Oh and when you line up all the way around the stadium for running the bases, no one else can get anywhere. It is already tough enough to get around PNC Park sometimes. On a sunny day like a Kids Day, fans just want to get out of the ballpark after being in the sun for hours.

Now on to happier things.

Despite a heat index of 105, both teams took batting practice, which was awesome.

Ball #1 came from Gorkys Hernandez who fielded a ball at the wall. I asked him for the ball in Spanish and then got beisbol numero uno.

Ball #2 came during Giants BP from reliever Shane Loux. I should have had a ball earlier that was a cakewalk if I hadn’t been boxed out, but at least it was great to get on the board again. The Giants were pretty stingy with toss ups and when I initially asked Loux he said, “no they’re hitting too many out”. Undeterred I came by the third base side come 5:30 and when he fielded a ball close to me I shouted his name and fired a target. The throw was right on the money.

I then decided to test my luck at first base and ball #3 came from George Kontos. Good thing I had printed out a roster right before I left work (although the lack of ink made it hard to read). I was the only one who knew who he was and that’s a bonus.

The last ball was the routine toss up from Euclides Rojas, however it actually proved to be a bit difficult. Some moron fan kept interrupting my enjoyment of watching both starters warm up and then when Rojas tossed the ball, the guy tried to get in my way. I quickly adjusted and so did Rojas. Ball #4. It was the ball Erik Bedard used to warm up. Rojas picked it up after Bedard’s toss to the bag with the baseballs was long.

“Hey you got one,” an onlooker said.

“Yeah,” I said with a slight glare at the offender who tried to interfere with the snag.

Picture time:

Giants reliever Brad Penny signs autographs.

Both Colston who went to the game with me, and I got to pose with the Olympic torch, I guess this is the first time most of you get to see Colston.

Now we went for a change of pace and decided to eat at the Hall of Fame Club for dinner.

Our waiter’s name was Kevin, and just in case we wouldn’t remember, he gave us this.

This actually did come in handy later.

When it comes to ordering, I don’t turn down a Philly Cheesesteak much. I have consumed quite a few and am quite particular when it comes to how I like them. Of course I ordered the cheesesteak plain.

After a short while, our orders came out and they messed it up. I ended up needing the napkin Kevin wrote his name off for the first cheesesteak. The Pirates were winning this game and then once my order was messed up, they started to give back their lead. Coincidence? I think not.

When it came back out this was the result.

Now comes time for the grading:

– The steak was cooked well but I am not a fan of the steak being carmelized so I had to work through that.

– The cheese itself was very runny and not memorable.

– Bread was great and held the sandwhich together no problems.

If I had to rate it, I would give it a 6.75 out of 10. It lost a point for being cooked wrong, a point for the runny cheese, lost a little for camerlization and honestly it was average for me. That’s not a bad thing, I have particular tastes so what I may enjoy, someone else may hate. Hey it was fun analyzing the dish.

Meanwhile the Pirates lost, but still they are in first place as the second half begins.

I for one am excited to see the Pirates doing well and this club has much more potential than last year’s team did. Let’s Go Bucs, make us proud!